Thursday, June 2, 2011


Dear Son,

Within just a couple of short months, you have gone from baby to little boy.  Your Dad and I can't keep up with all of your changes (or with you running away from us).  New words, new skills and new expressions are developing all of the time.

Currently, you can say "more", "bye", "all done", "up" and the classic "NO".  You love peas, animal crackers, shredded pork and pasta in many shapes.  However, broccoli is not to be tolerated.

Every day you love to go outside ("bye") and take off down the sidewalk.  You wear us out going and going and I think it is so funny how you hate to turn around and go home.  We usually have to carry you back while you cry about how unfair life is.

There are so many new experiences for you this summer, and we can't wait to help you get dirty.


Mommy and Daddy