Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Minnesota Gurls

Apparently there has been this pop song called "California Gurls" (no, not the Beach Boys song, a different one), and it has been getting a lot of air time.  So the bright kids in Minnesota have come up with their own version that I think is spot on.  I may live in North Dakota now, but I am still a "Minnesota Gurl"!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday in the Park

With settling into a new house, and our trips to Minneapolis, its been a busy June so far.  Its been really nice having a week with a normal routine.  I love having my sister here for company, and the extra help has been really nice.

Today we put sunblock on Baby Daniel and took him to University Park.  They have a spray park that kids just love.  However, the water is pretty cold, and Daniel didn't appreciate having his toes wet.  Then we tried the swings, and he wasn't sure that was fun either, but he didn't fuss. 

Later this afternoon, I introduced Cat to our local chocolate shop, Widman's, where we stocked up on dark chocolate covered cherries, yum!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Our love for Baby Daniel grows and grows every day.  Dan can't walk past him without stopping to play, and I miss him every time he takes a nap.  Even though nursing hurt so bad for the first month, I am so glad I stuck with it, because nursing my baby is the best part of every day.  Last evening, he fell asleep while nursing and took a nap while still attached.  When he woke up, half of his hair was curled and messy!

We have also found that we will do the grossest things and act like fools just to play with our baby.  Daniel likes to suck on my face and inspect my teeth, and I let him!  We also let him kiss us with an open mouth and slobber on us, just because it makes him laugh.  Catherine, my 16 year old sister staying with us this summer, thinks we are beyond crazy, but she doesn't know how happy we are. 

She was able to get a video today posted on her blog, showing Daniel dancing for her.  I love how serious he gets and then at the end, how he gets distracted.

Friday, June 18, 2010

In Memory

On June 5, my husband's grandma passed away.  Aileen Jaehning was 95 years old and with her daughter (my mother in law Robin) and Dan.  She was in her home and sleeping when she went to be with the Lord.

Dan was so glad he was there to be with her and to support his mom.  He was able to spend the day before she died by her bedside.  He read the Bible to her and talked to her while holding her hand.  Grandma Lee lived in Grafton, ND most of her life, but moved to Minneapolis around the time Dan was born.  She was always in his life, and he has a lot of memories of special time with her.  Her love always surrounded and supported him.

I am very grateful to have known her for the past 12 years, and that she was able to meet our son Daniel this year.  Here is the only video I was able to take with her and Daniel, along with Robin.