Monday, June 21, 2010


Our love for Baby Daniel grows and grows every day.  Dan can't walk past him without stopping to play, and I miss him every time he takes a nap.  Even though nursing hurt so bad for the first month, I am so glad I stuck with it, because nursing my baby is the best part of every day.  Last evening, he fell asleep while nursing and took a nap while still attached.  When he woke up, half of his hair was curled and messy!

We have also found that we will do the grossest things and act like fools just to play with our baby.  Daniel likes to suck on my face and inspect my teeth, and I let him!  We also let him kiss us with an open mouth and slobber on us, just because it makes him laugh.  Catherine, my 16 year old sister staying with us this summer, thinks we are beyond crazy, but she doesn't know how happy we are. 

She was able to get a video today posted on her blog, showing Daniel dancing for her.  I love how serious he gets and then at the end, how he gets distracted.

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  1. Totally laughed about the gross stuff we let our babies do! Jenna used to suck on our noses and all three kids have been obsessed, at one point or another, with digging around in our mouths! LOL Babies are so strange :)