Monday, November 12, 2012

Into Trouble

Freddy in the toilet paper, Danny on the windowsill. Freddy in the noodles Danny dropped and Danny in the banana bowl. It seems I spend my days removing my children from all kinds of places and situations.

Freddy turning over the diaper box, Danny holding the knife. Trying to figure out what will kill them, and what to let them learn a lesson with. (Hint, the knife is not a lesson)

At least Freddy is young enough to just pick up and move. Danny is a lot faster and he likes to drop things for Freddy to eat, like candy wrappers and dried beans.

Oh well, what's a few years in worry lost from my life.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Morning Summary

9:30 Awakened by Danny asking to go and wake up Freddy (awesome sleepers my kids)

9:45 Wet diapers changed and kids dressed

10:00 Danny with pop-tart and Freddy nursed

10:15 Mommy dressed

10:30 Both poopy diapers changed

10:45 Teach Danny how to sew (using a cross-stitch kit that I didn't finish)

11:00 Ordered out of my room so Danny can sew in peace

11:01 Walk into the living room to find Freddy sitting up all by himself!

11:15 Hang diapers to dry on my new rack from IKEA

11:30 Eat breakfast