Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Company Tuesday

I am still taking FlyBaby Steps, and the house really shows it. Dan is supportive of my shiny sink policy. We have been doing so well, we were able to have company over for dinner.

One of Dan's advisers and his wife, Yury and Lyuda came over. They stayed with us last year for a month, and are a really nice couple. (Of course at work, Yury is hard on Dan, but its for his own good.)

I had to go shopping first, and made an afternoon of it. Baby was a champ the whole time. We got some good deals at Target, and then used coupons on everything I bought at the grocery store. I could get used to this saving money thing!

Dinner was Rustic Lemon-Onion Chicken, on a bed of lemon spinach, served with those individual potato au gratings and some crescent rolls. It took longer than I thought to prepare, so dinner was a little late. But we had fun visiting with friends, and playing with the baby.

Daniel was tired from being adored so much, and passed out quite nicely:

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