Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday with a Friend

We took it easy on Wednesday. Daniel was still fussy and uncomfortable. I noticed one of his eyes was red and watery.

In the afternoon, I went to visit my friend Ashley. She has 2 girls and a little boy, so I have learned a lot from her. We had a good time visiting, even though Daniel cried a lot. Her little 1 year old is soooo cute. I look forward to seeing Daniel grow like that!

Unfortunately, he developed a new issue, his ear is oozing something. Wax mixed with boogers is what it looks like, and it keeps crusting on the outside of his ear. We have a Dr appt on Thursday afternoon, so I will post an update afterwords. It may be nothing, but I almost hope they find something to explain his symptoms so that we can have treatment or an explanation. Its very hard not knowing how to help your baby.

On the kitchen front, I de-boned a family sized package of chicken thighs and froze them for later. In the evening, I make my favorite lasagna with hamburger and cottage cheese. This will feed us for a few days. :-)

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