Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretty. Shiny.

I am experimenting with the Amazon Associate code while at work today (I work for and thought I would leave this widget up because it is for my favorite gadget of all time. So far I have owned the first two versions of the Kindle, and I will shortly be the proud owner of the 3rd generation. We were going to get it anyway for my birthday in November, but a certain person in our house managed to step on the screen and break my current Kindle.

The worst part was that I was still in the middle of a book, but then I remembered that Amazon has reading apps as well. So I downloaded the Kindle app for PCs, found that book in my saved archives (since every purchase is backed up on my Amazon account) and finished it without problem.

The new cover,the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, (in Steel Blue) will be delivered right away, but the Kindle itself is already on back order for a couple of weeks.

Once it has been delivered, I will do a grand unveiling on this blog, so stay tuned!

Disclaimer: I may work in Amazon Customer Service, but the product review is all my decision because I just really, really love books. So I was not asked to do this or compensated in anyway.

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