Monday, November 28, 2011

We Survived

Thanksgiving week was a long one for our little family. Dan started off on Sunday with a drive back to Grand Forks to give the defense of his dissertation. The presentation went very well, and he has been declared Dr. Daniel Theis by his adviser. While he was gone, I decided to head up to the Twin Cities on Monday to visit with friends and shop. Daniel is traveling better these days, and I had a stack of CDs from the library for him to listen to.

We had a lovely visit with Kate and her children, and the boys played with toy trains non-stop. I was able to fill my new minivan with furniture from Ikea thanks to shopping help from my sister-in-law. Wednesday night Dan and I were able to enjoy an actual date all by ourselves, but we were so tired, dinner was all we could handle.

Thursday was the traditional huge family bash at my grandpa's house. With 35 plus people, we were there all day. I got to participate in the traditional politics/religion discussion/debate. (yes I know that is what you are supposed to avoid, but it works for some of us)

After a relaxing couple of nights staying with my mother-in-law, and watching Daniel charm her with his cuteness, we were able to drive home on Friday.

Well, I know that this post has mostly just been catching up on the week's events, but I promise future posts about Daniel's new talents soon.

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