Friday, January 29, 2010

Grumpy Friday

Today was all about a colicky baby. For the first time, Daniel could not stop crying. All day, tears in his eyes and boogers in his nose. It broke my heart and freaked me out. Calls to the Dr's office did no good, as two different nurses both told me to try a warm blanket, whatever good that would do.

So I held him, and loved him, and checked his temp a lot. I almost took him to urgent care, because he wasn't really eating, but he finally took some milk from a bottle. I don't care how he takes milk, just as long as he keeps eating.

Plans for making dinner were scrapped in favor of Papa John's pizza. It made sense after a long day.

I am off to work for the weekend, and passing the baby to daddy. Hopefully this rough period passes quickly!

1 comment:

  1. hm... It was about at this age that Alex started doing this too. And it was very difficult to get him to nurse at all. What the problem was for us was an improper latch. He had basically gotten lazy about it for some reason and so he ended up like... sucking in too much air or something like that I don't quite remember exactly. I just remember it was really tough for us.
    :( I hope things get better!