Thursday, February 11, 2010

Internet Wednesday

Morning routine so far:
Dressed to shoes
Teeth Brushed (a big deal these days)
Bed Made
Dishwasher unloaded
Laundry rebooted
(and then its lunch time!)

After much procrastinating, I finally called our cable company because our internet has been going in and out every few minutes, and it was driving us crazy. They sent someone right over, and after checking the box outside, he came in to check the router. He found a cable splitter on our line, going into the apartment downstairs. Yep, our neighbors were stealing our cable. The same neighbors that left their guinea pig out to die last fall. We really need our own house.

My landlord will let them know what was found, and leave me out of it. I don't want to start a fight since it could get ugly fast.

The cable box was locked, and the company will check on it in the future, but that didn't actually fix the issue. On Thursday, the next guy found that the power cord on the router was bad, and NOW its fixed. YAY!

Dinner was really good, I made Easy Chicken and Rice Divan, but with some easy changes. Instead of chicken, I used some Keilbasa I had instead, and made the unhealthy version with real mayo, sour cream, real cheese. I also used fresh garlic and onion for flavor.

Last night was a queue bash at work, so I went in from 6-9 to work on emails, and since Dan also had to work, Daniel was left with a sitter for the first time. A co-worker had volunteered, and she was wonderful. It worked out well.

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