Friday, February 12, 2010

Teething Friday

Daniel has started teething, and for now, its kinda funny. Everything that gets close to him gets chewed on, although his hands get the worst of it. We have one of those raspberry teethers (thanks Aubrie!) that he enjoys as well.

My de-cluttering project has been to work on three years worth of filing. Yuck. Even only working on it 15 minutes a day per FlyLady's suggestion is hard. But its the only way I will have my bedroom back again.

Dinner was perfect for using leftover tater tots (thanks Kate!) and leftover corn. It turned our really flavorful, but that might be because I burned the onions and garlic a little. Oh, I know I have been mentioning onions and garlic in lots of meals, so I want to give a shout out to my new favorite kitchen items. The garlic press and food chopper from Pampered Chef really help me add quick flavor to simple dishes. I just rinse them right after using, and they are cleaned quickly.

Here is my picture for Tatter-Topped Casserole:


  1. Sounds busy at your house! We are going through the whole thing at our house too! Gabriel is constantly looking for something to shove in his mouth. My kids think the Razbaby teethers are okay but are our favorites are anything Sassy. Gabriel can hold on to them easily and one even vibrates - perfect for his gums! I wrote about them here -

    Keep working at the filing thing! You'll get it! :-)

  2. my daughter is 6 months and hasn't teethed yet...what are these respberry teethers you speak of?!

  3. Its the Razbaby RaZberry Teether,

    and my 3 1/2 month old is able to hold it for a short amount of time, other times I hold it for him, and he just gnaws on it with gusto.

  4. There is a teether at Target (can't remember who it is by) that is blue on the bottom and a yellow star on top. When the baby bites on it the star vibrates. This is the best and my son who use it for long periods of time.

  5. thanks Jennifer! I will have to look into getting one :)