Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday Fajitas

A quiet but productive day at home on Tuesday. I was able to get through my morning routine before lunch (!) and start a chicken cooking.

I really like the chicken and turkeys that come in a bag, ready for the oven. It helps me so much. I have found some great Gold'n Plump coupons here, including one for the Bake it Easy chicken. (print by February 28)

We had shredded chicken fajitas with a sweet onion, red, yellow and orange peppers, cilantro and avocado. I don't really like bell peppers, but fried with onion, they are really good!

Daniel is just a joy, he loves his toys hanging from his bouncy chair, and he loves attention from mommy and daddy. It seems to us that he loves best being held by us and talked to by us when we are all together. He can tell when we are a happy family together and so the end of the day when the missing parent comes home is just a wonderful time.

"I have a little boy, his name is Danny Joy,
I have a little boy named Danny Joy Theis"


  1. Golden Plump are THE BEST CHICKENS ever. They do taste different that others. Only one store in Rapid used to carry them, and that store closed, so now all I can get is Tyson. I don't like bell peppers at all. Found some real small peppers in a plastic carton at Wal-Mart that were red orange and yellow. Theya re a *bell pepper* but not as strong taste. And given the price of Bells, not much mroe expensive. When I cut them up, there were like two seeds in them. I cut up and froze them - which works. :-)

  2. we had fajitas for dinner Tues night too! I LOVE bell peppers, cold and crispy with ranch better than warm though.