Thursday, March 25, 2010

About Town Thursday

Baby and I got out for some fresh air today.  We can't hang out with anyone since Daniel still has a stomach bug, but we needed to get out.  The sun is shining and most of the snow is gone.  It was still too cold for walking, but we drove around town instead.

I brought some nicer items to Once Upon A Child, and received a little credit towards some larger outfits for Daniel.  Our little chunk is already over 17 pounds!

Other items were dropped off at the thrift store, and then we just drove around town while Daniel took his nap.  We went over to the Minnesota side to get some good film of the Red River flood waters, and I put the video below.

We finished the afternoon with a trip to the grocery store and the pet store for some needed supplies and then back home.

Mornings this week have been on a better schedule.  Daniel is going to bed between 8 and 9, and waking up around 8am, which gives me time to feed him and do my morning routine before starting work with my grandma.  Yay for a sleeping baby!

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  1. I recognize where that is, so the bridge is now open.