Sunday, March 7, 2010


I received the nicest compliment yesterday, and it was really encouraging!

My sister Emily is visiting this week, and last night I was showing her around our house. She said how impressed she was by how clean it is, and then added "of course you cleaned extra because I was coming". I was able to proudly say Nope! I didn't have time to do extra cleaning for her (although she is worth it) and this was how my house is looking every day.

Thank you Emily! I really needed that boost and it was awsome because it was unprompted. (I didn't even have to pay her!)

We had a good time on Saturday night, and I made deluxe tacos. Tacos are the best because they are really inexpensive, even with all the bells and whistles. We had hamburger cooked with lots of garlic and sweet yellow onion, refried beans, ripe avocado, fresh tomatoes, fresh cilantro and plenty of cheese and sour cream. What a feast!

Baby Daniel has gotten pretty needy this week. I am not sure if it was his recent immunizations, teething, or just going through a phase, but he doesn't want anyone but me. While that is somewhat nice, its tough to hear him cry when Daddy is holding him. He has gotten easily startled as well and even loud laughter has made him cry. I am toughing it out, and remaining calm with him, but inside his tears break my heart.

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  1. Thanks Jen! I'm glad you grasped the sincerity of my comments! It truly feels like a real home here, thank you so much for having me. Danny will be so much stronger and happier as a result of making it through these challenges, and you two are doing an AMAZING job with him! Yay!