Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chocolate Tuesday

Baby and I gave Emily the grand tour of Grand Forks on Tuesday. We went to my favorite lunch spot, Dakota Harvest. There were three of us, so we had four desserts. Ok, a little hard to justify, but we had a serious sweet tooth.

After sharing chocolate raspberry almond cake, strawberry shortcake, Irish potatoes, white chocolate caramel cheesecake, and turkey and swiss and roast beef with horseradish sandwiches, we were a little full.

Then on to the local chocolate shop, Widman's Candy Shop for chocolate covered cherries, jalapenos, almond turtles and olives.

We finished the day by going to dinner at our friends Yury and Lyuda. We were served a feast and we all had a really good time. Daniel Jr was charming and Emily loves to make new friends.

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  1. Hey Jennifer,
    I love the links that you have put in your's very cool to check and see more about "what's this?"
    Of course, I love the photos as well.
    you're a peach...
    catch the hug...