Saturday, March 13, 2010

Under $50 at Target!

On Thursday night, I was able to go grocery shopping with Emily, while Dan stayed home with baby.  We had to got to several stores in order to get the best deals I had planned out.

I find Target to be an evil store, because they have such good looking food, and I always buy more than I should.  But my budget was only $100 total, so I had to stay focused.  At the checkout, my heart sank because the total came to over $65.  Then I realized that the cashier hadn't scanned the coupons yet!  We got to watch as the amount got lower and lower, and it ended at $49.  Whew!!!!  Yay coupons.

Then on to Hugo's for the rest and we had the same experience which was awesome.  I like using coupons because I can still buy food and items in the brands we like, and even try new items without going over budget.  Now if I can just get a handle on my spending for hobbies, we might get somewhere.


  1. I just love coupons! I have gone in and had my total be $130 dollars and only pay $15! I just love that. Sounds like you did great yesterday! Good job!