Tuesday, March 30, 2010



  1. Ouch my ears. Did you hear im having a baby soon. I like to go for drives. my girlfriend cooked chicken the last time she cooked, which is almost never. usually she just goes to mcdonald's. I fried some salmon when no one was looking yumm. I had a filling replaced and another one put in and a tooth removed last year, good thing I didnt need any of that done while I was in jail, cause they dont have a dentist there. I found your website when I logged into facebook, your mom posted a link. I never go on facebook. I made a couple sites on myspace, but I dont go on there anymore eithier, and im too shy for utube, plus i find it difficult to post there. Im on disability for Schizophrenia, I dont work I dont go to school. I have alot of free time. So I do alot of nothingness. So here I am trying to kill some of this time I have so much of. Do you use yahoo messenger or skype? Me and Anya used the messengers and my cam to keep in touch while she was in Poland and I was out of jail. the jail thing messes with my mind, why do people like to lie so much? I ponder stuff like that when I lay in bed during in the morning.