Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We have a Dinosaur, Oh No!

Turns out I didn't give birth to a cute, charming, sweet little baby boy.  Nope, I have birthed a wanna be Velociraptor.  The noises this child can make are amazing in volume and variety.  He also likes to bite a certain area that should never be bitten, and my fellow nursing moms will know exactly what I mean.  When I flick his cheek and say "no" he just looks at me, like "what?"

We had a lovely day on Monday and went for a walk in the sunshine.  Daniel likes to doze in his stroller.

Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs, with garlic cheese bread and peas.  While we were eating, Daniel was in his high chair staring at daddy's plate, so I told Dan to give baby a mashed pea without the skin.  He ate several of them!  Baby's first food is peas!


  1. ew peas!
    btw, i read your blog all the time. i miss you and baby.

  2. that's good, you should start food esp when they look interested-and he's gonna be healthy too starting with veggies! I am making homemade babyfood for my dkb this week-green beans and carrots!

  3. Jess, you will need to let me know how that goes. Right now, I intend to make my own baby food.

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  5. LOL!!! No biting! Kara can wait as long as she wants to get teeth. Your dinosaur is cute btw!

  6. LOL that sounds so funny . My god daughter is the same way. SHe's SOooo Loud.

    Peas are great but the diapers after I can do without Lol