Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunny Thursday

Baby Daniel and I went for a really nice walk in our neighborhood on Thursday. The sidewalks are still pretty wet and muddy, but the sun was shining. Daniel took a nap in the stroller and I enjoyed stretching my legs.

This couponing has been a little tough this week, and I still haven't finished my shopping list yet. I might need to check my priorities to avoid getting overwhelmed.

I find that when I get tired and stressed about money, I end up spending more. Baby was just loud all day, and I was so tired, that after I picked Dan up from school, we went out to Qdoba for dinner instead of eating at home. Saving money on groceries doesn't help much when those groceries don't get eaten.

Friday I have my first dentist appointment in over 11 years, so wish me luck!

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