Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emotional Monday

Well, I am more of my father's daughter than I realize sometimes.  I got so exited about a possible new house to rent, that I was ready to rearrange our whole lives in one week to get it.  Its all I could think about for 2  days, and I was sure it was the one for us.  Then it was gone, and I was sad.

Its a really good thing my husband is so even tempered.  He really helps balance out my occasional craziness.  We like to try and imaging how our personalities will merge in our son.

Speaking of our son, Baby Daniel has discovered anger.  He spits when I am not delivering milk fast enough, and some of his screams are downright primal!  Needless to say, his temper does not result in me moving any faster for him. I try to explain that spitting is not very attractive, but he just grins at me.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry the house didn't work out. :(
    That crazy kid of yours... Spitting is definitely not cool. I just always say, when my kid is cute and sweet, she is like me. When she is messy and fussy, she's her daddy's girl. HAHA. Good luck with the primal screaming. Makes me feel a little better about Kara's. Hers are just cute expressive squeals.