Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Will Survive!

I am surviving my husband being gone all week, and I survived my dentist visit today, (I got Novocaine and drilled but I didn't cry!).  I also survived Baby pooping through his clothes right after we left the house today and changing him in the car.

But it could be worse, I could be my husband.  Poor Dan is still working on his yearly review paper as I type this.  He is hoping to finish by midnight.  I have had moments this week were I felt very martyr-like while supporting him, which is not really supportive.  Its a lot harder this year since we have the baby to take care of as well.  I am really proud of Dan for working as hard as he does.  He really pushes for perfection in his work, and is never satisfied that he has done enough.  But I know we will survive this too, and that I am with him all the way. (but at times like this, I am a PHD Widow!)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jennifer,
    It's good you are documenting these baby days...they will be funnier and more heartwarming as memories.
    Yes, Dan's work ethic and integrity are just "so Dan" as we say in the Theis family. You are the best friend and supportive wife that we ever could have dreamed of for our Dan. I am so thankful for you you to pieces.