Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Growing Up

Well, I've done it.  Baby Daniel has been rolling over on the changing table lately.  This is becoming a safety issue and a big mess issue.  We have tried saying "NO" and holding him back, but that wasn't making an impact.  So this morning I swatted his thigh while saying "NO".   He was mad at me, but this time he really paid attention.

Dan and I have discussed our discipline philosophy a lot since we have been married and we agree that discipline is more than just spanking or time outs.  Its about knowing each child individually, and helping them learn control so that we have a happy home and so that they become healthy adults.

Not all kids need physical discipline, but some do at some times.  We also look forward to using the time out system as seen on Supernanny and with our friends Kate and Jer.  They have really demonstrated to us the power of setting a time out spot, using it, and talking to the child afterward.

Its a complicated issue for a lot of parents, but we are resolved to do our best and to love our children in every way, including discipline.

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  1. You are and will be GREAT parents.
    Jeremy and Kate, also, make excellent role models.