Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekly Recap

Another busy week has gone by.  Baby and I still have lots of boogers, but we are feeling much better.  We are looking forward to having friends over for dinner on Monday night, so I have focused each day on my routines in order to keep the house in order.

Bathroom wiped down - ☑
Bed made - ☑
Dishwasher unloaded - ☑
Laundry started - ☑
Baby kissed - ☑

I feel quite satisfied with my focus on the bathroom this week.  The tub was draining really slow, so I got this inexpensive tool from Menard's to try.  The Sink Wizard dug up a nasty mess of hair and gunk, so now my tub drains nicely!

Dan is spending the weekend at home doing the heavy lifting for me.  He got to try out our new Hoover WindTunnel vacuum on the stairs.  His verdict: "I like it!"  I personally love the powered hand tool for the stairs and also the washable filter.  So no bags and no filters to buy!

Dinner tonight was just lovely!  Now that I have learned how easy Fettuccine Alfredo is to make, its part of my regular menu.  I just added some chicken breast, steamed some fresh broccoli and doubled the recipe for lunch tomorrow.


  1. how much for the sink wizard and I want to make that fettuccini

  2. Well, Menards had the sink wizard on sale for $0.99, so it is cheap at a hardware store, but after using it, I found that reviews on Amazon had people complaining that the brush head might fall off in the drain. It didn't happen to me, but I was gentle with it.