Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kindle Review

I have finally received my new Kindle Reading device!  Its the 3rd generation of the regular sized Kindle.  I have owned all three, and they just keep getting better.  The price keeps going down, and now this one is available for $139 and $189, with the only difference being how books can be downloaded.  With the cheaper one, you can only use a Wi-Fi connection and with the more expensive one, you get Wi-Fi and 3G Sprint Whispernet.  I will always chose having both options, because I love being able to access my books anywhere at any time. 

Here is the Kindle in its new slate blue cover:
It features an elastic band to keep it closed in my purse and to hold back the cover when I am reading.

Images on this new Kindle are more crisp than ever before:
I love how easy the text is on the eyes.  I can read for hours (and sometimes do) without any eye strain.
The buttons have been revamped to make the whole device smaller, and the 4-way control is very easy to use.
The new Kindle has more options for the text size, font, and orientation.
And the neat thing with the new cover is that it has a built in light, powered by the Kindle when it is attatched.

(I was not compensated in any way for this review, and all opinions and pictures are my own.)


  1. Little Daniel is going to love pushing those buttons and the corners look perfect for teething.
    Is there an "app" for slobber-proofing the display screen?
    I love your blog...keep on posting.

  2. You of course would love the you can read in bed! LOL Thanks for teaching my daughter that "trick" when she was little. :-) Do ya wanna give me one of your old Kindles?

  3. *drool*

    I keep thinking about one, then saying no, then re-thinking about one, etc...

    Then I look at the IPad, and think some more, tell myself no some more, and so on...

    Lucky you! You took the plunge and solved the debate!