Thursday, October 14, 2010

Domestic Goddes

Well, another week of being a homemaker.  I have had hand cramps fun clipping coupons and going to multiple stores to get the best deals and figuring out what meals go best with what we have.  Actually, I lucked out this week and had most ingredients on hand for a couple of meals.

Dinner on Monday was a new recipe, Egg Pie.  I used the eggs from a buy on get one sale last week, and a leftover partial package of frozen hash browns.  It turned out really good and made enough for lunch the next day!

Last nights Creamy Potato Leek Soup dinner was actually made for my lunch while baby Daniel was napping.  I had the cream and bacon from previous meals, and the chicken stock was homemade and in my freezer.  The Yukon gold potatoes and leeks were from my CSA produce box.  I followed the recipe exactly and I also mashed half of the potatoes after they cooked to thicken the soup.  With only 5 ingredients it was simple but really flavorful.
I have also been planning out our Christmas cards for this year, and I am excited for stamping club on Saturday.  Hopefully I will have some good pictures of my projects.

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