Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Year

Dear Daniel,

One year ago, on October 28, you came into this world. You were surprisingly quiet and calm, considering how much you kicked to get out in the first place. Your Daddy fell in love on the spot, and your Mommy was a little in shock that you were actually here.

We didn't know what to expect, and we were honestly pretty afraid of you before we got to meet you. But once you were in our arms, we knew that we had been given a gift. At first, you didn't do much, but you wouldn't know that listening to your parents. "Look, he blinked!" Look, he's breathing!" "Look how well he moves his arms and legs!" We called it "Baby TV" and we watched for hours on end.

At each stage, we thought you were perfect and couldn't get any better, but then you would learn something new, and we would go crazy. Very early on we found that you are serious about learning new things. Ever object you encounter is studied very carefully by you, using your eyes, hands and mouth.

As you have grown so quickly this year, we have continued to be amazed at every accomplishment. Your smile and laughter delight us, and your tears break our hearts. Your Dad and I feel a little bad for you that you have to break us in as first time parents, but we know that our love for you will make everything OK.

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