Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Won!

(Disclaimer:  I was not asked to write this review, nor was I provided any compensation or product for my opinions.)

I actually won something!  There is a t-shirt company called Threadless.  They print designs chosen by the community, and they are really cool.  (I took advantage of one of their sales for several Christmas presents this year).  Lately they have been selling tote bags that I really liked the look of.  When the company ran a promotion to "Like" the Facebook page, I did, because I actually like them. I got entered in a drawing for one of the bags.

Side note, my friend K is really mad at me because I got the win announcement on my phone while we were shopping, and shrieked so loud she thought one of our kids was hurt.  Oops.

The bag arrived today, and it is perfect for me!  Its made of really heavy duty cotton, and has both small handles and a long adjustable shoulder strap.  So far, it has been great for shopping, bowling and my school books.  (I love winning!)


  1. Very chic!! And of course you love winning!! You are a HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!