Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sturdy Legs

My boy is growing so quickly.  Everyday, his daddy and I marvel at the changes we see.  Now days, he can get around pretty fast while crawling, and he experiments  with different styles now.  Here is Daniel trying out a stiff-legged variety:

Daniel can also pull himself up now!  This has led to an increase in small items ending up in weird places.  We have found remotes in the garbage can, toys hiding in bookshelves, and metal spoons in the guinea pig cage.

A treat for Daniel is being allowed to play with my bedside table while I get ready in the morning.  He loves to shake things and move them around.


    Is this the most clever child ever?
    You go, Little Guy!!

  2. aah! He just looks cuter every single day :) I love his curls! -Amanda