Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy, Busy

This time of year is usually pretty hard to get through, and this winter has thrown a lot of rough weather at us.  Up here in Grand Forks, we have had plenty of snow, (yes, I know the rest of the country has as well) but the worst has been the cold.  Day after day after day of below zero cold.  It just saps energy and gets in your brain.

But the show must go on, and this winter I have plenty to keep me from feeling too blue.  I have classes 4 days a week, bowling on Tuesday nights, and work on Saturday and Sunday.  At home I am still flying with FlyLady, keeping a close eye on my fast moving son and working on my scrapbooking and card making.  Whew!

Tonight was a pretty awesome example of how well I am flying at home.  We had invited some friends over with very little notice, and then found it wouldn't work out.  However, I had all of the ingredients for this special dinner, so this morning, we asked another couple over.  With a little touching up last night and one hour between classes today, I was able to have my home ready for guests.  We had a lot of fun visiting, and I was able to focus on a great meal without stressing out about the house!


  1. Good job, Jennifer.
    Fly lady helps make everyone feel good.

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    Only six weeks left of winter...
    only a month until we change the clocks...
    stay warm...stay busy...take some more Vitamin C...
    you're the BEST!
    I love you to pieces!
    I'm so impressed with all you are doing...
    take some more Vitamin C