Monday, February 22, 2010

Home Safe

Baby and I survived our visit with friends and family, barely. It was a long week of driving and dragging poor Daniel all over Minnesota. However, it proved that I can travel without Dan and live, and its good for Daniel to experience new things. He got a little anxious at times, with all of the cats, dogs, and cheek-pinching relatives. But he was a champ, and charmed everyone with his smile.

We visited with (in order) Aunt Jessica, Grandma Robin, Great-Grandma Lee, Grandpa Paul and Alin, Aunt Emily, Grandma and Grandpa Hood, Aunt Catherine, Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melissa, Great-Aunt Susan and Great-Uncle Ron and Kate and Jer. whew!

The weather was lovely for this trip, and we took some fun videos. Daniel was very glad to get home, and he really cheered up when he heard his Daddy's voice again.

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  1. Oh wow.. I finally got the audio on that. How do you guys stand listening to me!!?? LOL thanks, Love you!